Cosmos’ mandate is to apply award-winning filmmaking techniques coupled with major talent to produce studio-quality movies for medium-sized budgets ranging from US$20M - $70M. The company focuses on strong IP properties with global appeal, with the belief that you cannot make a great movie without beginning with a great story.

Cosmos will produce approximately five films over the next five years, drawing from the current slate of projects that are in advanced stages of development. In addition to its existing projects the companies are also looking for additional quality commercial scripts and or packaged projects in need of financing and producing partners.  There will also be a host of new development and production opportunities for talented filmmakers from the US, Australia and China.



Cosmos and Weibo, through their studio and distribution relationships in both the US and China, will ensure wide theatrical releases for all of their projects in both territories. This allows every project to be packaged, internationally pre-sold and debt financed, which maximizes potential upside for all equity investors.

Cosmos performs detailed financial analysis on every project. This allows a sophisticated financing plan to be implemented, which takes advantage of minimal equity outlay through leveraging a proposed domestic studio output deal, international pre-sales, tax rebates and any additional Government investments and/or incentives. .

Additionally, as part of the company facilitating pre-production and production services, Cosmos can also manage post production and government incentives. This involves overseeing financing, budgeting, editing, sound, music, VFX, and the processing of rebates.