The Company

Cosmos Pictures is a production and finance company which has raised a US$300M film fund, leveraging equity, tax incentives and international pre-sales.  Cosmos will produce medium-sized budgets ranging from US $15 million - $70 million in Australia, where we have negotiated a preferable tax incentive status or in another subsidy location with a minimum rebate of 25%.

Cosmos is led by some of the most successful executives and producers in the global film industry including Bill Mechanic, the former Chairman and CEO of 20th Century Fox. Cosmos will be managed by an experienced producing team, including Rick Nicita the former co-Chairman of CAA and motion picture agent for the last 28 years, and Paul Currie, the award-winning producer and director whose recent producing credits include Hacksaw Ridge; Bleeding Steel, and Rampart.

The team brings together a powerful network of stakeholder relationships including: U.S. Major Studios; State and Government agencies; creative talent and agency representatives; international film finance and international sales representatives globally.

The Partnership

Cosmos has partnered with Weibo, a social media entertainment platform in China, with over 450 million monthly active users. With an estimated market valuation of over US$30 billion, Weibo is an extremely powerful online promotional vehicle for local and global movies to penetrate the Chinese market. By partnering with Weibo, Cosmos shares in this unprecedented marketing access to movie-goers and content viewers in China.