RELEASED: November 23, 2011

DIRECTOR: Oren Moverman

PRODUCERS: Ben Foster, Ken Kao, Lawrence Inglee, Clark Peterson

Dave Brown (Woody Harrelson) is a Los Angeles police officer, who works out of the Rampart Division. Dave is misogynistic, racist, brutally violent, egotistical and a womanizer, although he defends himself against many of these accusations. However unlawful, he uses intimidation and brutal force to defend his ideals. The most notorious of his actions is purportedly murdering a suspected serial date rapist, which is why he has been given the nickname "Date Rape Dave". He lives with two of his ex-wives - sisters Barbara (Cynthia Nixon) and Linda (Robin Wright) - in an effort to keep the family together, namely his two daughters, Helen and Margaret, who each have a different sister as their mother. Dave still maintains a sexual relationship with both sisters - whenever the mood suits any of them. His life is put under a microscope after he is caught on video brutally beating a person with whom he got into an automobile crash.