Bleeding Steel

RELEASED: December 22, 2017


CAST: Jackie Chan, Callan Mulvey

Head of the witness protection unit, Lin Dong's (Jackie Chan) life changes when one night he has to choose between his daughter’s (Nana Ouyang) life or saving his men during a failed rescue of a genetics scientist in witness protection.  With tragic consequences, Lin Dong narrowly escapes death himself, and 13 years later in the year 2020, we find him in Sydney Australia, deep undercover, protecting the life of a young girl whose genetic code contains the secret to longevity and even immortality.  But the past catches up with Lin Dong in Sydney, where he must face the same demons that destroyed his daughter and crew 13 years earlier.  But this time, the stakes are much higher as the shocking truth about the young girl he protects comes to light.