Dom Benvenuto Head Shot (1)

Domenic Benvenuto - Executive Producer

Domenic Benvenuto is chairman of the Marksx Group A property and finance lawyer of over 30 years standing, Mr Benvenuto utilizes a philosophy and culture of developing creative and financially secure long term partnerships with people, government and companies that embrace similar goals. To this end the Marksx Group is a boutique property development and investment company with current projects having an end value of $600M AUD. Domenic has recently secured and constructed with the assistance of the Victorian Government Newcold’s Asia Pacific headquarters with an end value of $275M AUD.

Mr Benvenuto is also chairman of Lightstream Pictures Australia partnering with fellow director and producer Paul Currie. Lightstream Pictures is an international film company which develops high quality motion pictures for a global audience such as The Longest Shot, 2:22, Rampart, Max Rose and One Perfect Day.